Jason Statham Is Everyman (And Woman) In This Hilarious LG Commercial

Remember last year when Spy came out, and it was better than anyone was expecting? Despite some lackluster trailers, it ended up being a hilarious movie, and a good portion of that was due to Jason Statham‘s bumbling and arrogant secret agent, Rick Ford. We all knew that Statham could kick serious ass thanks to literally all of his movies, but this was the first time that Statham really showed off his comedic chops. While the cast was uniformly good, Statham stole the show right from under Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law.

Well, someone at LG must have seen Spy, because they decided to utilize Statham’s newfound status as a tough funnyman for their commercial for the new LG G5. If you’ve ever wondered what the world would look like if everyone had Jason Statham’s face, look no further. Do you want to see Statham don dozens of wigs? Of course you do. Want to see Statham as a baby? Duh. Do you want to see a long haired Statham do a transfixing dance? You’re only human. Yeah, yeah, there’s a cool phone being advertised, but it is definitely a secondary concern next to Statham playing ladies who lunch.

(Via LG Mobile Global)