And This Is What Caused The Big Jay Z/Nas Beef

There are two types of days: Days when we’re talking Memphis Bleek, and days when we aren’t. And for the longest time, Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 had the telltale markings of the former. UNTIL BLEEK DROPPED A BOMB BY STATING THAT HE STARTED THE NAS/JAY-Z BEEF!


Via an interview with VladTV:

“Me and Nas actually never got into nothing. It was all that project.. you know how it is. He say/she say sh*t. Nas had did a freestyle on a Clue tape I think it was. And they called me, I was in the Bahamas, and my homie hit me and he like, ‘Yo Nas gettin’ at you on this joint!’ So he played it for me over the phone. So n*ggas like, ‘Damn! Nas sh*ttin’ on you?!’ So then I wrote “Mind Right” like, ‘Aight, cool! You gettin’ at me, I’ma get at you!’

“So when “Mind Right” dropped, it popped, you know, it did what it did. Nas had did another freestyle where he mentioned Jay, Beans, Freeway, everybody! So he basically opened the floodgate for his self. So once he did that, Hov was like ‘Don’t even worry about it, lil’ bro, I gotchu!” And then you know, “Takeover.” Here we go!”

As it turns out, Nas didn’t say anything about the Memph man anyway:

“He ain’t say sh*t. Somebody lied! He ain’t say nothin’ bout me! That was all me, you know, going off that gas. Unleaded. And I let it fly, baby!”

Not that his take on the story seems incorrect – it doesn’t – but… why are we talking about this, again? That’s like saying that the Sith and the Rebel Alliance were fighting because the Hutt family was talking sh*t about Yoda. Right?

…right, guys?


Bleek also shared his opinion on who had the better diss:

“I’m not gonna say it [“Ether”] was a bad record. It was dope. But all that sh*t was just fact fake sh*t. ‘He wore Jaz chains.’ He ‘wore this.’ Like, anybody that know… know Hov is that n*gga, man. So it was just like, he didn’t say no facts in that song so that’s why I can’t say I hold it up there against “Takeover.” “Takeover” was factual. N*ggas had pictures to implement the lines they saying, namean?

“Listen to it for yourself. Go back. It was just a bunch of lines, you know? ‘You ugly!’ ‘You big lip n*gga!’ Like, that ain’t facts.

“You can’t really ask me! I’m bias! You think you’re gonna get me really to sit here and be like, ‘Nas killed my big homie’? I don’t give a f*ck if he did, you ain’t never gon hear that from my mouth!”

And this is why as long as Jay’s alive, you’re a millionaire, Memphis Bleek.