Here’s The Best Jean-Claude Van Damme Doing A Split Between Two Reversing Trucks Volvo Ad You’ll See Today

Today in good news for JCVD, this video is blowin’ up the internet. Volvo is digging the brand recognition and Van Damme is digging the, well, just the recognition, I’m sure. Does Volvo make jet engines? Let’s see this same split in-between two jets. I bet Chris Angel is already on it. Damn emo magician-raining on Claude’s parade.

If you haven’t seen this magnificent split, check it out below. The Van Damme commentary played over Enya is my new “seduction” soundtrack. Ladies, take note. Or rather, “Lady, take note.” One more thing, I played a drinking game while typing this post, every time I typed “vulva” instead of “Volvo” I had to slam one shot of Midori. I’m now wasted with Shrek spittle all over my favorite “Sugar Ray” tee-shirt.