Jeff Sessions Is On The Cover Of ‘Time,’ And It’s Terrifying The Internet

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In case you haven’t heard, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears on the front of the April issue of Time, which was unveiled on Thursday morning, accompanied by a lengthy cover story about all of the winning he’s doing for President Trump — provided he can manage to keep his job for long enough. (The very fact that Sessions is appearing on the cover in the first place also does not bode well in his favor.)

Despite the constant, tumultuous, behind-the-scenes conflict plaguing the Trump administration, the piece paints the former Alabama Senator as optimistic about his work for the White House.

As the chaos in the White House rages and threatens to consume him, Sessions professes to pay it no heed. “I want to do what the President wants me to do,” he said in his slow, drawling voice, his blue-green eyes peering over the top of his glasses. A wry smirk lifted a corner of his lips. “But I do feel like we’re advancing the agenda that he believes in. And what’s good for me is it’s what I believe in too.”

Whether or not Sessions will ever find his way back into Trump’s good graces is not what’s getting people talking, however — rather the portrait on the cover, which looks like this:

It is, in a word: terrifying! The magazine cover unsurprisingly drew some apt comparisons on Twitter, speculation that this could be the final nail in Sessions’ coffin, as well as other observations.

(Via Time)