Jen Psaki Clapped Back At Jim Jordan After He Attempted To Attack Biden About Rising Gas Prices

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is famously level-headed, and not just compared to her predecessors in the Trump administration. Even she’s shutting down someone like Fox News’ Peter Doocy, she does so without resorting to the snide snootery of a Kayleigh McEnany. But she does push back when she feels she has to, and on Monday she decided that she wasn’t going to let one of congressman Jim Jordan’s attempted gotcha tweets slide.

Jordan — one of the more vocal Trumpists in Congress and best known as the bosom buddy of Matt Gaetz, who’s under federal investigation for potential ties to a sex trafficking ring — has a habit of going on Twitter and throwing red meat to people who don’t know better. His latest attempted attack compared average gas prices last year to now. Back then, they were $2.21. Now they’re $3.07. Under these stats, Jordan simply wrote “President Biden’s economy!”

Give him this: At least he’s actually acknowledging Biden is president. But there’s a lot of context missing, such as: Maybe there were a couple very different things happening this time last year? Or maybe listing what gas prices were like before.

Well, Psaki was happy to help him out. “You forgot to mention that gas prices are the same now as they were in June 2018. Or that this time last year unemployment was 11.1% — today it’s 5.8%,” Psaki wrote. “@POTUS agrees families shouldn’t pay more at the pump – that’s why he’s opposed to GOP proposals to raise the gas tax.”

She also got some help from White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain. “Gas was cheaper in 2020 because the pandemic limited travel — and the unemployment rate was over 13%,” he informed Jordan. “Today: gas prices are where they were in 2018, unemployment is below 6%, and growth is the highest in 40 years. June 2020 v. June 2021? Happy to have that debate!”

People were quick to cheer Psaki on for not letting a Republican politician’s obfuscations slide.

Some were even worried about Jordan after.