Jennifer Aniston And Her ‘Bubble Butt’ Named People’s ‘Most Beautiful’ For 2016

No, you’re not stuck in a timewarp. Jennifer Aniston has just been named People Magazine‘s Most Beautiful Woman in the World for the second time in her career. The totally progressive publication first named the actress best known for playing “Rachel” on Friends Most Beautiful in 2004.

Despite being 47 years young and making several hotness-based lists in the past, Aniston tells People she still felt just as giddy as a high school student being made prom queen when she learned of her new/old title. “I thought, ‘Oh my God.’ There was this sort of very excited, teenage-y kind of moment of feeling. Very flattered.”

And even the world’s most beautiful woman isn’t immune from criticizing herself. Aniston reveals she used to hate her booty before learning to love it. Apparently, Jennifer had a bubble butt, telling People, “Well, I’ve never loved my butt. It’s sort of a thing. I had a bubble butt and was teased.” Jennifer Aniston? Bubble butt? Can’t say those two are usually ever in the same sentence, but…

Now people are paying money to get things injected. Like we’re sitting here dying over squats and I’m like, ‘Wait, what’s the trend?!'” she adds. “I think [I’ve accepted] just my body in general. I used to be such a little round thing, now I’m just like my body is my body so I’ve embraced things overall.”

The actress has also changed her thoughts on beauty over the years. She’s learned it’s all about loving herself.

Aniston credits being married, her diet and her glam squad with helping her remain as beautiful as she was 20 years ago.

(via People)