Jennifer Lawrence’s Love For Doritos Was The ‘American Hustle’ Wardrobe Department’s Greatest Challenge

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When American Hustle’s Oscar-nominated costume designer Michael Wilkinson told Vanity Fair‘s Krista Smith that Jennifer Lawrence “is a very…let’s say…raw and intuitive young lady” at a recent awards-season discussion in Los Angeles, what he really meant was, she gets Doritos dust on her fancy dress, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. Either that, or he was throwing epic shade in Lawrence’s general direction, because the backlash is real.

But let’s go with the former, or else.

The highest-impact design [costume designer Michael] Wilkinson created for [Jennifer] Lawrence was a low-cut, white metallic jersey dress that [David O.] Russell had envisioned Rosalyn wearing during her climactic scene—during which she confronts and kisses her husband’s mistress, played by Amy Adams. “David really had it set in his mind that she would be wearing this dress that she just poured herself into. He wanted to see every single lump and bump. There had to be a sense of, ‘Is she going to fall out of it?’ It had this dangerous feeling to it, which matched her own dangerous mental landscape.”

Because her character was originally supposed to spill champagne over herself in the scene, Wilkinson and his costume department constructed four different versions of the dress. “And I’m kind of glad we did,” Wilkinson told the audience, “because Jennifer Lawrence is a very…let’s say…raw and intuitive young lady, and she’s not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume. So we were glad that we had a couple [backups].” (Fortunately for the production, the costumes were not too expensive. Russell was so intent on the dress looking cheap and stretchy that Wilkinson chose fabric that only cost $3.99 per yard.) (Via)

Add mustard stains, dried BBQ sauce, and Manwich runoff to that Doritos dust, and JLaw could be every blogger.

Via Vanity Fair

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