Jennifer Lawrence Wanted Someone To 'Drop A Boob' During Ellen's Oscars Selfie

Ellen’s Oscars Samsung Galaxy selfie, sponsored by Samsung Galaxy, couldn’t have happened without the wonderful Samsung Galaxy, have you guys heard about the Samsung Galaxy? As in, it HAD to happen: Samsung spent an estimated $20 million on advertising during the Oscars (think how many affordable Samsung Galaxy phones you could buy with that dough), and received unprecedented Jack Donaghy-approved product integration support when Ellen used “her” Samsung Galaxy to take the RT-record selfie.

The origin of the “selfie” shot was a little different. Ms. DeGeneres, in the days leading up to the broadcast, decided she wanted to take “selfies” during the show and ABC suggested she use a Samsung since it was a sponsor, another person familiar with the matter said.

During rehearsals Samsung executives trained Ms. DeGeneres on how to use the Samsung Galaxy, two people familiar with the matter said.

Helping reinforce the value of the plug was Ms. DeGeneres’ tweeting of the selfie. It was retweeted nearly 3 million times as of Monday afternoon. While the tweet didn’t mention Samsung, the fact it was taken by a Samsung phone was clear on the TV screen at the time. At one point Samsung was getting about 900 mentions a minute on social media, according to Kontera, a company that tracks content on social media sites. (Via)

More importantly:

Yahoo! Movies painstakingly transcribed what the selfie participants were saying, when they weren’t talking about their Samsung Galaxy phones, that is.

Lawrence: “Somebody should drop a boob if we want this retweeted this many times.”

DeGeneres: “Meryl…”

Channing Tatum: “Drop a boob. Somebody drop a boob.”

DeGeneres: “Meryl. Meryl…”

Streep: “Want me to do it?”

Cooper: “Here, I’ll do it.”

DeGeneres: “No Meryl. Can you take it Meryl?”

Tatum: “I’ll drop a boob. It’s fine, I swear.”

Roberts: “What does that mean, drop a boob?” (Via)

Oh, Julia. Guess she didn’t drop any boobs on the set of September: Sausage Village.

Via Wall Street Journal, via Yahoo! Movies

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