The Internet Freaks Out Over Jessica Simpson’s ‘Sassy’ Photos Of Daughter Maxwell

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Memorial Day for Jessica Simpson meant lounging poolside with her husband, Eric Johnson, and their two children. Simpson’s 3-year-old daughter, Maxwell, favors her mother with blonde hair, blue eyes and rosy lips. Maxi’s also adopted a “sassy” way of posing, as many toddlers do. Hand on the hips, attitude toward the camera.

Many people see these photos as a cute kid who paused, mid-action for a moment before shuffling off to wreak havoc. Others smell trouble. Over on Twitter, concerned comments are met with responses that support Simpson.

Over on Facebook, the collective take is much more negative. Comments include an outraged: “Jessica Simpson should have her daughter taken from her! With all the pedophiles scanning the internet, this makes her an irresponsible mother!!” Plus a lot of: “She’s a beautiful little girl, but… Momma’s growing her up WAY to Fast.” Others point out dual implications of the photos: “Why would anyone post a pic like this of their child? This is a pedophile’s dream shot. We think she’s cute and being funny. Child molesters think she’s teasing them.”

Some illuminati theorists came out to play: “Wow. Wonder if mommy comes from the typical Hollywood MK-ULTRA/Illuminati scene… keep the pedophiles happy, become a big star. Sick.” One final response summarizes the internet’s perspective: “Keep her away from Josh Duggar.”

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