Dr. Jill Biden Used The Return Of Dogs To The White House As An Excuse To Share A Mask PSA

There are a lot of things that were untraditional about the Donald Trump presidency, but one thing that was noticeably absent was dogs. He broke an unofficial presidential tradition by not having any White House pets, though he made sure to set a bunch of records of his own, like being the first president to ever be impeached twice.

Still, the Biden administration has brought dogs back to the White House, and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden is already using Champ and Major for a good cause: recording a mask PSA. The message hit Twitter on Saturday and it featured Biden reminding people that masks should be worn even outside while walking dogs.

“For a lot of us during this pandemic our pets have been such a source of joy and comfort. And maybe a bark or two on a video conference,” Dr. Biden said. “The unconditional love from a dog is one of the most beautiful things on Earth, and we owe it to them to keep ourselves healthy. So please keep wearing your mask, even when you’re out walking your dog.”

It’s a nice little reminder to keep wearing masks, even outside. And it’s helpful to have these guys to look at while hearing about the importance of wearing masks.


Even a few weeks into the Biden administration, it’s still a bit strange to see people associated with the presidency admit there’s a pandemic going on, not to mention discussing ways to stay safe. But if the Bidens want to keep showing off their dogs, this is a pretty decent way to do it for a good cause.