Jim Carrey Discusses His Existential Fashion Week Rant With An Equally Existential Explanation

There was much to take in when Jim Carrey hit the red carpet at New York Fashion Week and spoke with E News reporter Catt Sadler. What should’ve been a throwaway meeting with a famous face quickly turned into an awkward look inside the soul of a celebrity or possibly just the beginnings of something deeper. Of course, it could’ve just been the guy trying to do something wacky for the cameras or the residual effects of Carrey’s time as Andy Kaufman.

No matter what the intention, folks were confused and seeking some sort of answer. So naturally, when he sat down for an interview after the appearance, he was hit with some questions about the moment and ended up providing a response that was almost as odd and possibly a view at a guy who is beaten down by fame according to The AV Club:

“As an actor you play characters, and if you go deep enough into those characters, you realize your own character is pretty thin to begin with

“You suddenly have this separation and go, ‘Who’s Jim Carrey? Oh, he doesn’t exist actually.’ There’s just a relative manifestation of consciousness appearing, and someone gave him a name, a religion, a nationality, and he clustered those together into something that’s supposed to be a personality, and it doesn’t actually exist. None of that stuff, if you drill down, is real.”

Either Jim Carrey is going through some stuff or he’s hitting the philosophy books fairly hard right now. It could even be both, we don’t know. No matter what is happening, it’s clear that Jim Carrey is outdoing Nic Cage for the best interview in Hollywood at the moment.

(Via The AV Club / Today)