Jim Carrey Is Ranting About California’s Ban On Personal Exemptions For Mandatory Vaccines On Twitter

Remember when California passed new legislation banning personal exemptions from required vaccinations for children last week? If you don’t, Jim Carrey most definitely does. He remembers it so well, he decided to rant about it on Twitter Tuesday night.

The first one indirectly named California’s governor, Jerry Brown, as the “corporate fascist” responsible for “poisoning children with mercury and aluminum in mandatory vaccines”:

Um, Mr. Carrey? Thimerosal, a preservative that contains the “mercury” to which you refer, hasn’t been used in children’s vaccines since the 1930s. You can always check the records at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just in case you’re skeptical.

But I interrupted you. Please, continue:

Oh, you’re still talking about mercury. Well I guess this was never going to be a productive and cordial conversation, then.

(Via Jim Carrey)