Jim Jordan And Other House Republicans Are So Very Mad About A ‘Woke’ AI Version Of George Washington That’s Black

Jim Jordan is a busy man. Is the chaotic Iowa representative, failed House speaker candidate, and Beavis to Matt Gaetz’s Butt-Head working day and night to make his constituents’ lives better? No, most of his energy is focused on the president’s son. Alas, the House GOP is taking a brief respite from the Hunter Biden antics to solve a great mystery: Why did an AI create a Black George Washington?

Per The New York Post, Jordan and other Republicans in the chamber are up in arms over Google’s artificial intelligence program Gemini, which has proven incapable of depicting white figures, even when they’re historically Caucasian. That includes images of the Founding Father, Vikings, popes, etc.

The possible cause is that Gemini team members had followed rules laid out by the Biden White House that AI must advance “equity.” Per Mediaite, Google has reacted by saying they’d pause the rollout of their “image generation tool” to fix the algorithms.

Alas, Jordan and other House Republicans were not mollified. They sent a subpoena to Alphabet, Google’s parent company, demanding they be sent all communications between Biden’s White House and Gemini by March 17. (It’s worth noting here that Jordan defied a subpoena from the Jan. 6 committee.) They accused Alphabet of “intentionally biased” Gemini, even though they said they’d fix the problem.

Will Jordan and company’s latest attack on “woke” be as successful as their bizarre attempt to impeach Joe Biden? Or will they, like Biden, realize that AI is pretty dangerous in general?

(Via NY Post and Mediaite)