Human Hot Air Balloon Jim Jordan’s Bid To Be Speaker Of The House Has Unexpectedly Gone Down In Flames Like The Hindenburg And People Are Losing It

In a further sign of Republican in-fighting, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan lost the first round of voting for Speaker of the House after 20 of his fellow GOP congressman voted against him on Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks to Matt Gaetz, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted, but now the party can’t decide on who should replace. At one point, Donald Trump was being floated as a temporary replacement, and more concernedly, the former president was into it. However, that option quickly faded as more GOP congressman threw their hat in the ring. Steve Scalise launched a failed bid, and now, Jordan is looking at the same outcome.

Via CNN:

There are still a group of lawmakers publicly opposing Jordan, including GOP lawmakers still angry that a small group of Republicans forced out McCarthy and then opposed the speaker nomination of House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, who initially defeated Jordan inside the GOP conference, 113 to 99.

“I can’t get past the fact that a small group in our conference violated the rules to get rid of Kevin, and then blocked Steve,” said Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska. “You don’t have a process where I play by the rules and these other people can’t and then they get what they want. That’s not American. Americans want fair play and rule of law.”

While Jordan goes off to lick his wounds and attempts to stir up more votes, people on social media were having a field day with his loss after the congressman boasted to reporters that he felt “really good” about his chances going into the vote.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via CNN)