Jimmy Fallon Found Out About 'Downton Abbey' And We're All The Better For It

Entertainment Editor

The Downton Abbey meme-ification has been in full effect for awhile, with Downton Tabby and the gleefully swearword-filled Eastbound and Downton Abbey, and then the meme officially arrived once it had its Arrested Development version. We can expect to see mainstream outlets grab on to these frilly coattails now that the average audience member gets the joke. This may be why Late Night With Jimmy Fallon has joined the fun.

On last night’s show, which is filmed at Studio 6B, Fallon and crew performed a Downton Abbey parody which transformed Studio 6B into “Downton Sixby,” with Fallon playing the Earl and guest appearances made by Brooke Shields and Fred “sexy middle sister” Armisen. Such intrigue! And that cliffhanger at the end? We’ve got the vapors!

More screencaps at Buzzfeed.

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