Jimmy Kimmel Has A New Nickname For Donald Trump After He Reportedly Fell Asleep During His Own Trial

It’s a moment late-night hosts wait years for: a former president nodding off during his own trial. On Monday, Maggie Haberman of the New York Times reported that Donald Trump “appeared to nod off a few times, his mouth going slack and his head drooping onto his chest” while “a judge was hearing arguments on last-minute issues in a criminal case that centers on salacious allegations and threatens to upend his bid for the presidency.”

Trump denied he was out like a light, with his campaign calling it “100% fake news,” but it was too late: “Don Snorleone” was already trending on Twitter. He was also the talk of the late-night shows.

“If Biden is Sleepy Joe, I guess that makes you Dozo the Clown,” joked Jimmy Kimmel during his monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Imagine if Joe Biden fell asleep in the court on the first day of his trial. Trump would be calling him ‘Comatose Joe.’ Fox News would be talking about this until Christmas. But not old Donny Nappleseed.” He continued:

“Multiple reports said Trump’s head drooped until his chin hit his chest, which, I don’t know, maybe he was just following the price of his Truth Social stock. Either way, it’s nice to see even Donald Trump is exhausted by Donald Trump.”

You can watch the Kimmel clip above.