Jimmy Kimmel Picked Up Rob Ford At The Airport Dressed As A Limo Driver

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03.02.14 3 Comments

Two things:

1) Rob Ford will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, and as a way to hype his appearance, Kimmel picked up the Bob Marley-loving, red-faced mayor at LAX dressed as a limo driver.

2) This sentence:

Ford is also in town attending Sunday’s Academy Awards. (Via)

I don’t care who wins anymore. I WANT FORD-VISION. If Rob Ford dances with Ellen, I want to see it. If (when) Rob Ford hits on J-Law, I want to see it. If Rob Ford tells Steve McQueen that he really related to 12 Years a Slave, I want to see it. If Rob Ford steals Jack Nicholson’s seat, I WANT TO SEE IT.

Via Deadline

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