People Are So Excited That Joe Biden Has Brought Dogs Back To The White House

Donald Trump hated dogs. Hated them. Calling people “dogs” was one of his favorite epithets. There are many upsides to having Joe Biden replace him as president, but don’t discount one of the more frivolous: He’s a well-documented lover of dogs who has two of their own. And after his own canines finally showed up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on Sunday, people — many of whom have turned to dogs to help them get through the last four years — freaked out.

Their names are Champ and Major, and they’re both German shepherds. Champ has been with the Bidens for over 10 years, which means this isn’t his first time at 1600. Major is a newer addition to the family. He was adopted in 2018, and he’s reportedly the first shelter dog to ever live in the White House.

Their slightly late arrival — five days into their one owner’s presidency — was intentional: The Bidens wanted things to get settled in their new home first before bringing them in. (They also had to do a ton of disinfecting from the previous tenants.)

Trump was the first president since Andrew Johnson — who was also impeached — to not have any pets. Meanwhile, Barack Obama had two dogs: Bo and Sunny, both Portuguese Water Dogs. George W. Bush had three dogs, a cat, and a cow. His dad had two dogs, one of them born during his tenure. Bill Clinton had a cat and a Labrador retriever. Ronald Reagan had six dogs, two cats, and a horse.

We could go on, but we’ll conclude by pointing out that John F. Kennedy had 11 dogs, a cat, a canary, a parrot, some ducks, three ponies, two hamsters, a rabbit, and a horse. Also: Richard Nixon had four dogs.

Upon news of Champ and Major’s arrival, social media — where animals are often used as self-care — lit up.

Some people dug up old dog content from former presidents.

Anyway, pets are great and you can tell a lot about a person by how much they love them.

(Via CNN)