Joe Biden Took This Kid’s Pacifier And He Can’t Do Anything About It

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Imagine you’re a baby. Except for eating, sleeping, and generally making a mess of things, your life isn’t that difficult. Then some old guy who doesn’t smell too familiar comes along and steals your pacifier from you. What to you do?

If you’re former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s grandson, you just sit there and deal with it. Why? Because the guy who took your breast-simulator is none other than Vice President Joe Biden.

The wee one belongs to Bloomberg’s daughter, Georgina. She posted the photo to Facebook after attending a special ceremony honoring her father.

According to Business Insider:

The elder Bloomberg was in Washington on Wednesday, where he was recognized as an honorary knight by the United Kingdom. Biden also attended the ceremony, according to a press release from the British ambassador’s office.

Becoming a knight, honorary or otherwise, sounds really cool. Too bad it was overshadowed by the Vice President’s childlike behavior.

(Via Business Insider)