Joe Rogan And Nikki Glaser Had A Discussion About Men Who Cry That Was Strikingly Candid And Comical

Joe Rogan recently got blasted by Bill Burr for describing people who wear masks during the pandemic as “bitches.” However, Rogan adopted an entirely different tone during his latest The Joe Rogan Experience episode with comedian Nikki Glaser. The pair got real about men who cry, and at one point, Glaser admitted that she was thrilled about the direction that the conversation was taking because “so many men who listen to you… so many men don’t cry, Joe.”

That declaration came shortly after Rogan got candid about his own emotions.

“I definitely cry,” Rogan admitted. “I cry a lot for like things that make me happy.”

“Really? That’s cute,” Glaser responded.

“I’m not scared of emotions.” Then he added, “I’m scared of weakness. I don’t like weakness.”

The definition of weakness, in Rogan’s mind, includes his conclusion that “it’s weak to not wanna cry.” He stressed that it’s important to allow oneself “to feel the full spectrum of life.” Even the most horrible things exist, and Joe doesn’t want to be “delusional” by pretending that bad things exist and, in turn, not allowing himself to cry. So yes, he cries when he misses people, too. And Rogan reminded everyone that he cried once on his podcast while discussing The Innocence Project (including a particularly tragic case of wrongful conviction) with guest and attorney Josh Dubin.

Meanwhile, Glaser confessed that she is often afraid to cry and needs to explicitly give herself “license” to let those emotions out. However, she added, “I’m seriously turned on by men crying. I love it. Can I really put that out there?” And then she got explicit about what she once did for a boyfriend who cried. Enjoy!

You can watch the full episode here:

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