Joe Rogan Believes That ‘Toxic’ Twitter Is Destined To Go Extinct Just Like Blockbuster Video

Joe Rogan’s been pretty quiet this week ahead of a few changes: (1) The Joe Rogan Experience moving to Spotify on September 1; (2) The host himself moving to Texas. Still, his words about Twitter (during a recent episode with guests Whitney Cummings and Annie Lederman) are making the rounds. He remains moderately active on the social media platform by linking his “satanic” Instagram posts and retweeting stories, but he’s not diving into arguments in that realm. And as it turns out, Rogan thinks that Twitter’s pretty “toxic” and that it’s days are numbered.

“I think Twitter’s gonna be like Blockbuster video. I think we’re gonna look back, ‘You remember when we used to communicate through Twitter? Like, oh my God, it was so toxic. Everybody was so mean,” the podcast host declared.

He’s not wrong at all about the level of vitriol that gets churned up on Twitter on a minute-by-minute basis, and he might be correct because, really, who’s using MySpace these days? Even though Twitter’s been hanging on for over a decade, plenty of people have to take regular breaks from all the negativity on the platform. New social media platforms will continue to surface, and one of them might grab enough people away from the urge to tweet. Rogan agrees and looks at Blockbusters’s demise (due to the rise of streaming) as an example.

“We’re going to hit some new thing, next, that is going to read each other’s minds… It’s going to make this seem like nonsense,” Rogan said. “There is no empathy in these conversations and that’s a big part of the problem.”

Yep, Joe Rogan’s looking for some empathy in this world, and there’s not too much to be found on Twitter. There might be some left in the the last Blockbuster, though, since it’s an Airbnb and looks pretty cozy these days.