The Slingshot Spear From "One Piece" Is Now Real

02.27.12 6 years ago

Awww, guys, don’t fight.

We’ve been covering Jörg Sprave’s work for quite some time. He’s the affable German tinkerer behind such creations as the machete slingshot, the Gatling gun slingshot, the 6-shot slingshot, the circular saw blade launcher, the musket ball crossbow, the zombie decapitator, the slingshot cannon, and the pump-action slingshot crossbow. Now he has a new toy, and — wouldn’t you know — it’s another slingshot.

Sprave’s newest slingshot is based on Usopp’s Kabuto slingshot/spear from One Piece. It has a five-point slingshot on one end and a spear/javelin with a fire-hardened steel spike on the other end to both stabilize the slingshot against the ground and to use for stabbing at close range. We want to be on this guy’s team when the zombie apocalypse goes down.

[Banner montage and video via Technabob.]

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