John Cena’s ‘Naked’ Oscars Presentation Led To Awkward (And Conflicting) Fox News Reactions From Kayleigh McEnany And Brian Kilmeade

What started as a rant against “scantily clad women” at the Oscars quickly devolved into an appreciation of John Cena’s naked body on Fox News. During Monday morning’s episode of Outnumbered, Kayleigh McEnany started to complain about some of the red carpet attire before co-host Brian Kilmeade derailed the whole discussion by apparently revealing that he spent a considerable amount of time ogling the actor/wrestler.

Via Acyn on Twitter:

Kayleigh McEnany: There were some scantily clad women there. Carley Shimkus showed me pictures there. Just Google it.

Brian Kilmeade: So John Cena, he’s got a very good build and he was willing to shave his body and he wanted everyone to know.

Harris Faulkner: I wasn’t looking that closely. Thank you.

Kilmeade: I’m a reporter.

You can watch Kilmeade send his co-hosts into fits of laughter after he gushes about Cena’s body below:

Of course, the big question is was John Cena really naked behind that “Costume Design” sign? The answer is no, but he was pretty darn close. Behind-the-scenes photos revealed that the muscle-bound actor wore a crudely fashioned nude-colored loincloth that just barely covered his nether regions.

Considering how closely Brian Kilmeade studied Cena’s nude performance, we’re surprised he didn’t notice the loincloth while staring so intently. Guess he must’ve been distracted.

(Via Acyn on Twitter)