Was John Cena Really Naked Onstage At The Oscars?

On Sunday night, the infamous Oscar streaker of decades past almost got one-upped by Peacemaker himself, John Cena, who appeared to wear only sandals while presenting the award for Best Costuming. Cena pulled off the stunt marvelously and seemed to be a mere stumble or dropped card away from (highly blurred) full frontal on network TV. (Emma Stone was shocked for multiple reasons over the course of the evening, and Cena’s physique was only the beginning.)

How naked was Cena, however, and was this performance more or less authentic than Ryan Gosling’s Kenergy? From the audience’s POV, any “movie magic,” so to speak, was hidden away, but according to a revelatory photo from Getty Images, some carefully placed fabric protected Cena’s NSFW parts.

John Cena Naked Oscars
Getty Image

Too bad we didn’t see Trump’s live reaction to more than Kimmel’s hosting, right? Regardless, Cena is an incredible sport for agreeing to go almost fully nude for laughs, especially when there were other fields of dreams and high points threatening to be more must-see than a WWE wrestler-turned-actor wearing “only” sandals.

Additionally, it must be noted that Cena can be seen (largely clothed) in Amazon’s Ricky Stanicky alongside Zac Efron, who has also been baring plenty of skin lately. Not as much as Cena, however.