Even The Guy Who Shot Ronald Reagan Thinks It’s ‘Obvious’ That America Needs Better Gun Control

John Hinckley Jr. was sentenced to three decades in a psychiatric hospital for shooting President Ronald Reagan in 1981 in a failed assassination attempt. He was freed in 2016 to live full-time with his mother, but as of last month, the 67-year-old has been “fully released from court restrictions.” Hinckley has spent his time tweeting, having his sold-out concerts be canceled, and calling for better gun reform in America.

“I certainly don’t think the mentally ill should have access to guns. I mean, that’s kind of obvious,” he told anchor Juju Chang on Nightline in the days following the latest mass shooting in America (there have been at least 314 of them this year alone). “I mean, background checks are good and waiting periods are good. I think there’s too many guns in America. The climate of the country is not good right now.”

Chang responded, “Coming from you, that’s quite a statement.”

Hinckley contended that he’s not the same man he was in 1981. He told Nightline that in his 41 years of therapy he has “worked hard to overcome [his] illness,” and is confident he will stay on track. His medical team at St. Elizabeth’s, and the judge who released him, seem to agree.

Hinckley has voluntarily been taking his anti-anxiety medication and an anti-psychotic medication, continues to get therapy, and says he has a sound support system with his siblings.

You can watch the interview above. And an excerpt below:

(Via ABC News)