Watch The New British Christmas Ad That’s Making Everyone Cry Like A Baby

This year’s Christmas advertisement for British online store John Lewis has everyone wondering if they’re living in a dust factory. The tearjerking commercial is more like a short film about a little girl watching an old man who is living by himself on the Moon. That’s all I’ll say, because it’s a really beautiful little story that’s worth your time, but I will add that if Stephen Moffat doesn’t get a Doctor Who story out of this, he’s missing out on something really fantastically, emotionally violent.

It’s not even just about culling our holiday emotions to get people to shop, either. The ad is actually part of a campaign that John Lewis began with Age UK to help senior citizens who might be alone during the holidays (and the rest of the year, which is just as sad).

And in case the song sounds familiar, it’s a cover of the Oasis song “Half a World Away” by Norwegian singer Aurora.

John Lewis is known for its weep-inducing holiday commercials and this year clearly didn’t disappoint. But just because a few people cried on the bus while watching this lovely little piece doesn’t mean the internet took a day off. Because someone had to mash this up with Star Wars trailer because maybe that’s no moon:

Oh, internet. Never change.

(via Buzzfeed, Mashable)