Trump Supporters Are Now Accusing Conservative SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts Of Being A Deep State Pawn With Ties To Jeffrey Epstein

Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, a fact that still remains true after the Electoral College voted Joe Biden as the next president on Monday. Even some Republicans are admitting Trump lost despite his desire that everyone live in the same fiction he desperately clings to even in the dying days of 2020. The last days of the Trump administration appear to be filled with denial in the White House and among those who still think he was somehow wronged by 80 million or so Americans who didn’t want him to be president anymore.

Biden, meanwhile, is trying to assemble a transition government while Trump’s personal lawyer is playing pitchman for cigars and gold coins while portraying the president-elect as part of a vast amoral crime family. It’s a lot, but everything is in 2020, isn’t it?

Including the latest scuttlebutt going around conservative circles that Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts is part of a vast conspiracy to deplatform Trump from the presidency. And that he also has ties to Jeffery Epstein. The buzz seemed to have started on Thursday when the Washington Post published a perspective piece about Roberts and his apparent attempts not to politicize the Supreme Court, which seem to have backfired now that he’s being lumped into a vast political conspiracy by those in his own party.

Here’s an example of one of the tweets that was very popular among the right on Twitter on Thursday night.

As is the case with every failed conspiracy theory attached to Trump losing the election, there’s really no proof here beyond the fact that the Republican-appointed justice didn’t help Trump by ruling in his favor in any of the hilariously bereft cases regarding the election. But for some people it certainly was amusing to see conservatives turn on one of their own members of the Supreme Court.