Author Jon Ronson Highlights The ‘Agony’ Of Shaming And Cyberbullying After The Tragic Death Of August Ames

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12.09.17 12 Comments

Details have been coming out about the suicide of adult film star August Ames since the news broke earlier in the week. The initial reports blamed cyberbullying for Ames death and cited criticism she received over a decision to not perform a scene with a gay male star. Ames defended herself on social media but continued to face scrutiny and claims that she was “homophobic” for her decision. How much this officially played into her suicide by hanging is unconfirmed, but many in the adult industry and her immediate family were quick to lash out at cyberbullying online. This includes a note from her brother on Facebook that has since been deleted according to the Mirror:

“Bullying is not a joke. It took my sister’s life and I can’t get her back. This pain I feel cause people couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves is unbearable, although I have nothing but hate for each and everyone of you people who drove her to this i still do not wish this pain on you. This has forever changed me and who I am as a person”

Others shared similar feelings online and also shed light on Ames own fight with depression in the weeks before taking her own life. Fellow adult film star Keisha Grey shared a text she had received from Ames a month before her death with the late star admitting she was depressed:

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