The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Random Dude Who Looks Just Like Jon Snow

Meet Josiah Martin, an otherwise unassuming American who goes by the handle facialfollicles on Instagram. Other than being a self-professed “dude trying to make it” in the real world, Martin seems to lead a fairly normal life on social media. Or at least that was the case until the internet stumbled upon his public Instagram feed and discovered a striking resemblance to Jon Snow (Kit Harington), the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch (and dead guy) of Game of Thrones fame. Needless to say, neither Martin nor the internet’s crazed horde of Thrones and cute guy fans will ever be the same.

It all began when ELLE featured a few embeds from Martin’s Instagram on Tuesday, calling his look “mesmerizing.” Most of the article was dedicated to ogling his “long, lustrous locks” and “big manly beard.” Martin had no idea what hit him:

When the Daily Mail posted its own article about the resemblance, the Jon Snow doppelgänger had 317 followers on Instagram and 26 on Twitter. As of this writing, however, the count stands at 443, a number that’s sure to increase significantly by the end of the day. Not to mention all the likes, comments and rather forward propositions the kitten-on-the-shoulder posing gentleman has been inundated with.

To his credit, Martin has a pretty good sense of humor about his newfound fame. He’s even hoping for the chance to meet Harington and pose for a picture while they “[hold] each other in a passionate embrace [while] Celine Dion plays in the background.”

C’mon, internet — let’s make the Martin/Harington/Dion photo-op happen. Besides, the viral sensation has been touting his resemblance to the late Ned Stark’s bastard son (?) for some time. He even dropped the hashtag #JonSnowLookalike as early as 31 weeks ago.

Plus, anyone who dressed proudly as Princess Leia for Halloween once boasted a resemblance to Seth Rogen deserves such a chance as this.

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