Jon Stewart Takes Obama To The Woodshed For Signing NDAA

01.04.12 3 Comments

You may recall last month, before the Daily Show went on holiday hiatus, Jon Stewart devoted a segment to the utterly hideous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), provisions of which would give the government power to arrest and detain any U.S. citizen it merely suspects of being a terrorist without benefit of a trial. Scary stuff, right?

Oh but not to worry — our constitutional lawyer president promised to veto the bill if it reached his desk. But then he did sign it…on New Year’s Eve, no less. It’s almost as if he was hoping no one would notice!

In a signing statement attached to the bill, Obama wrote that “the fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it” and he promised, PROMISED, that no U.S. citizen would be jailed without trial under his watch. Um, okay, but what about when Sarah Palin finally gets into the White House?! Hmmmm?

Anyway, Jon Stewart devoted a good bit of his first show back from vacation to the NDAA signing, as you might imagine he would. Enjoy.

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