We’re Not Sure We Want To Live In A World Where Jonah Hill And Don Lemon Are Feuding On Twitter

11.09.12 16 Comments

I love Don Lemon. Next to Anderson Cooper, I think he’s the best thing going over at CNN. I, and we here at UPROXX on the whole, also love Jonah Hill, particularly in his fat form. So it hurts my heart that these two got into a fight on Twitter last night.

Yes, you read that right — take a moment to process it if you need to — CNN anchor Don Lemon and comic actor Jonah Hill got into a Twitter pissing match last night. Can America survive?

Here’s how it went down…

Now, I’ve spent some time trying to figure out what likely happened here (Was Jonah Hill being a dick or was Don Lemon being a little too sensitive?) and I think they’re probably both a little guilty. Obviously, I have no way of knowing for sure, as I wasn’t there, but my intuition is honed, baby, and my intuition is telling me that Jonah was probably a little dickish and Don was probably being a little sensitive.

Now can you two just hug it out so we can all move on?

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