Jordan Klepper Watched Nikki Haley Fans Discombobulate As They Tried To Imagine Voting For Biden Over Trump

Donald Trump had a great Super Tuesday. Or did he? Though he scooped up all but one of the 15 states holding primaries (Vermont, we’re looking at you), even in some of those he won there were significant votes for his last GOP rival, Nikki Haley. A lot of Haley fans hate Trump almost as much as any Democrat. So that means they’ll vote Biden, right? Right??

In his latest Daily Show video, Jordan Klepper descended upon a “modest” Haley rally in North Carolina. There he found two things. On one hand, Haley stans look at Trump, a cash-strapped legal woe magnet, as an “existential threat” to global security. He’s “chaos,” “out of control,” someone who “would sell his own grandmother, if he could, for a profit,” as one put it.

So what would they do if Haley dropped out and Trump clinched the nomination, which is what’s almost certainly going to happen?

“First I’m going to have a cry, then I’m going to have a beer, and then I’m going to have to pray,” another Haley person replied.

What she didn’t say is what she’d do after praying. In fact, none of the people Klepper spoke to said they’d vote for Biden. Some even admitted they’d hold their nose and vote Trump, despite admitting he’d let Vladimir Putin have his way with Ukraine (and/or NATO countries) and throw the globe into further chaos.

One gentleman who called Trump a “global security risk” was adamantly against voting Biden, who he said was “nothing.”

“Global security risk or nothing: I’m not saying those are great options,” Klepper told him. “But I’m also saying: that’s not a hard decision.”

Klepper then tried to talk some sense into him using an analogy: “You could feel nothing—which, OK, it would be nice to feel something inside — or you could feel getting punched in the nuts. If you had to choose feeling nothing or punched in the nuts? It feels like a no-brainer.”

“At least if you get punched in the nuts you can fight back,” he shot back.

In other words, it’s going to be an even rockier 2024 than we’d already imagined.

You can watch Klepper’s latest “Fingers the Pulse” in the video above.