Jose Canseco Killed Al Gore On Twitter Last Night

If you follow former juiced baseball freak Jose Canseco on Twitter, you know that that his feed is a constant stream of incomprehensible madness that, more often than not, turns out being quite hilarious. He’s uses his feed regularly to beg for jobs, hit on women, taunt his exes, etc.

So it’s sort of mind-boggling that anyone would place any trust in Canseco tweeting last night that former vice-president and self-proclaimed internet inventor Al Gore had died, but apparently some people did, astonishingly. Then again, the world is filled with exceptionally stupid people.

So, for the record, Al Gore is not dead. Irrelevant and maybe a little bloated, yes, but not dead. Meanwhile, Jose Canseco may be an insane meathead but nobody sports a see-through shirt quite like he does. NOBODY…

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