Joseph Gordon-Levitt Recreated ‘David After Dentist’ And The Side-By-Side Footage Is Mind Blowing

When Jimmy Kimmel put together his star-studded “Blockbuster YouTube Parodies” that aired after the Oscars, plenty of things could have gone wrong. There were so many moving parts. One thing he didn’t have to worry about: the very talented and always prepared Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

JGL didn’t just arrive ready to play “David” from the super popular David After Dentist video, he showed up — without being asked — with all of the lines and mannerisms from the video memorized. Down to the second. Kimmel put JGL’s screening, which was shot without any assistance from cue cards, next to the actual David After Dentist footage in the video above, and the result is remarkable. He hit every note.

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