Josh Brolin Hates ‘Jonah Hex’ More Than You Do

In an interview in the current issue of Total Film, Josh Brolin makes no excuses for 2010’s Jonah Hex, which is either a cinematic abomination or stupid fun depending on whom you ask.

How did they screw up a movie with Megan Fox in a corset, Michael Fassbender with a face tattoo, and a horse with a Gatling gun? Josh “keep brolin brolin” Brolin laid the blame on director Jimmy Hayward. Says Brolin:

“I think [Jonah Hex] deserved that bashing for reasons that those critics will never know. We were almost ready to drop [the film] when this kid [Hayward] came up. He was an interesting young guy full of energy and he was obsessed with Jonah Hex. I thought, ‘This is either a really bad decision or a brilliant decision.’ Really bad… If I’m ever really rich, I’ll do that movie again. Seriously.”

To be fair, the screenplay was from Neveldine and Taylor. How could it not end up being a weird movie?

The last time we covered Josh Brolin’s deserved bashing of Jonah Hex, he was laying the blame on how the movie was promoted.

“I still think it’s a lot of fun if you go in and see that movie. That’s what I told the marketing people at Warner Bros. I said, I can’t lie about this, so I have to look for a truism that I can go with. So I do think that if you go in there, kind of like with Piranha 3-D — when you go to see that movie you go, ‘This is ridiculous and this is fun’ — so if you went into Jonah Hex with that, I think you had a good time.”

They really should have gone the Sharknado route with Jonah Hex and promoted it with the logline, “Horse with a Gatling gun. Enough said!”

Banner image courtesy of Warner.