Josh Duggar Is Being Sued By The Guy Whose Photo He Used In His Ashley Madison Profile

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If you’ll recall, 2015 was not a great year for the Duggar family of TLC’s one-time juggernaut reality series, 19 Kids and Counting — particularly for the eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s brood, Josh Duggar. After reports surfaced that Duggar sexually molested five underage girls as a teenager (one of which allegedly turned out to be his own sister), TLC finally bowed under pressure and canceled the series.

Then, just a few months later the Ashley Madison hack happened, which exposed the married father of four as a possible adulterer, and later a porn star came forward claiming that he had engaged her in super creepy sounding rough sex. After that, Duggar retreated to rehab and has since flown blessedly under the radar.

But now, two years later Duggar’s ghosts are still coming back to haunt him, as he was just served with a lawsuit from Los Angeles-based DJ and photographer Matt McCarthy, whose photo he allegedly used in his Ashley Madison profile. Obviously, Duggar couldn’t have used an image of his own famous face in the profile, although a lot of good that did him in the end.

McCarthy contends that Duggar’s use of McCarthy’s photo led to McCarthy losing work, to public harassment, and to prolonged pain and embarrassment. A court date is set for May 15.

As for why this is just coming out now, two years later, is anybody’s best guess. Duggar is currently working as a used car salesman, and has a fifth child on the way with his wife Anna.

(Via Arkansas Online)