Watch A Jogger Literally ‘Wet’ Himself Running From A T-Rex In This ‘Jurassic Prank’

What would you do if a dinosaur came running at you at top speed? Would you run away? Stand up and punch it right in the nose? Or freeze like a rabbit in the light of an incoming car? Try and calculate exactly how an extinct creature suddenly wants to eat you for lunch? Fortunately this is something most of us will never have to find out firsthand, outside of motion activated arcade cabinet at Dave & Busters.

The poor soul in this video, on the other hand, got to learn the hard way what he was made of. Although you can’t tell from the soundtrack dubbed over the footage, this was likely a trickle of fear pee and some high-pitched screams. Although one way or another, he still ended up soaking wet.

The best part about watching prank videos is the smug sense of satisfaction that you would never fall for such shenanigans. Zombies on the subway? You’d be cool as a cucumber. Creepy elevator ghost? You’d know it was fake. Unlike the poor rubes caught on video, you wouldn’t give the hidden camera the satisfaction of freaking out.

Which is probably what this unsuspecting runner thought right before Jurassic Park became all too real. Sure, it’s easy for us to say the ranger bumbling along with an oversized egg should’ve given everything away, but the monkey brain cares not for slapstick comedy when what appears to be an extinct apex predator is barreling down on you.

Thanks for sharing your terror with the world, you poor, unsuspecting health-minded sucker!