Just Give Greg From ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ His Emmy Now


Last night I returned home after 3 1/2 weeks of living on the road. Unfortunately, while it was all good for the most part, I was DVR-less during this time away, and as anyone who has a DVR/TiVo knows, going without one when you’re used to having one is the worst. The worst. Like, how do people live without DVR? It’s such an amazing advancement in human leisure. Anyway…

So over the course of being away, there were times when I just couldn’t be near a television to see my favorite shows. For instance, I missed Sunday night’s Curb Your Enthusiasm season finale, but when I came back last night it was waiting for me on my DVR. And thank God it was, otherwise I might have missed one of the more memorable performances in TV history — though I suppose I could have watched the episode On Demand — by Eddie Schweighardt as “Greg,” the flamboyant seven year-old son of a woman Larry is dating.

Seriously, can we just give this kid the Emmy for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series now. Why even bother considering anyone else? I literally cried — CRIED — when he went nuts over the gift he receives from Larry. Look, everyone already knows that the Emmys are a freakin’ joke (THEY SNUBBED RON SWANSON!), but if this kid doesn’t win I think I may have to lead a jihad to take down the whole thing — leading a angry mob to descend on Hollywood with torches and pitchforks — for their existence at that point would be entirely meaningless.

Witness: Here’s Eddie Schweighardt doing his thing, fabulously, on Sunday night…

And if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, at least watch him exclaiming, “GET A LIFE, JEWS!” over and over and over again…

(“Get a life, Jews” clip via Gabe Delahaye)

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