Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga Dominate Social Media Day

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This past weekend, while a few people were preparing to celebrate the 4th of July – whatever that stuff is all about – everyone who is anyone was busy honoring their online presence for an extended observance of Social Media Day. Originally created by Mashable and observed on June 30, Social Media Day became a weekend-long celebration of everything from Facebook and Twitter to bloggers and online networking. In fact, cities across the world hosted events to recognize the status of social media.

But the big news came on Sunday when the Guinness Book of World Records got involved and decided to hand out some honors for social media achievements to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Justin came in strong by holding the record for the most viewed video online for his song ‘Baby’ with 575, 118, 703 views as of June 29, 2011. Lady Gaga obtained the most followers on Twitter as of June 29, 2011 has 11, 259, 372 followers of her @ladygaga Twitter feed. She was also the first artist to break 10 million followers on her Twitter feed on May 15, 2011 and Justin Bieber was the second artist to follow Lady Gaga and hit the over 10 Million followers on Twitter. It is pretty good Justin Bieber has this many fans as he urged many of his fans to vote for Javier Colon who ended up winning the first season of The Voice. (Via BSCKids)

Indeed, it is remarkable that Bieber was able to help Colon win the first season of The Voice, but at the same time it’s also terrifying. Bieber is currently 17, which means that in less than 9 months he will be 18. His fans will soon begin turning 18 as well and then he’ll be able to influence them in other voting situations, specifically politics. Imagine the power that could be wielded by securing the Bieber vote. Any politician would be downright invincible with Bieber’s influence.

Soon after an election, Bieber’s chosen endorsement would no longer have to employ security, as his or her protection would be provided by Twitter accounts like “BieberArmy”, “BieberBelieber” and “Anything4Bieber”. Remember when Selena Gomez received hundreds of thousands of death threats through Twitter because Bieber gave her a foot rub? Imagine the poor fool who runs against Bieber’s candidate. Welcome to the New World Order, friends. The Bieber World Order.

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