Has Patrice O’Neal Joke Thief Kain Carter Been Stealing Other Jokes From Other Comedians Too?

Remember our good friend Kain Carter? The asshat who stole Patrice O’Neal’s jokes then tried to defend himself on Youtube because haters? That guy.

Since he released his ridiculous explanation things have been pretty quiet for him. Well, he’s not out of the woods yet as Youtube user MischiefMaker37 just released more damning footage. The first half of the video pretty much hits on the points we made before, but the interesting part comes at about the 10-minute mark when we see Kain jacking material from Kevin Hart, Katt Williams and Chris Rock.


I can see some wiggle room in some of the clips, to be fair. The Kevin Hart clips are more loosely related, but the Chris Rock clips are too spot on ignore. Take a look.