Firemen Once Again Prove To Be Better Than Police By Rescuing Them From Elevator

Why are there ever rivalries between police departments and fire departments? Both ostensibly serve similar purposes, don’t they? So what’s the issue? That one group protects/saves/does better deeds than the other? Seems pretty silly.

Hopefully, the cops in Kansas City won’t ever start some beef with the Kansas City Fire Department. Especially after a bunch of those cops got themselves stuck in an elevator and had to be rescued by some of those fire fighters. Seems a bunch of members of the police department’s tactical team exceeded their weight limit in a lift last week and had to call their rivals to come get them out of trouble. At least the cops displayed a healthy sense of humor about the whole thing, as evidenced by their Facebook page.

According to Mashable, the cops and the fire department in Kansas City, “have a relationship best described as, ‘siblings who bicker and make fun of each other but will always have each other’s backs.'” A rep for the police department said “Public safety is a true brotherhood in our city. But we’ll make jokes about each other any chance we get.”

See how easy it is to be buds? Big ups to the cops and the fire fighters of Kansas City for this pleasant show of unity.

(via Mashable)