Kanye West Made Re-made ‘American Psycho’ With Scott Disick And Jonathan Cheban

One of the finer points of building the hip hop community’s excitement for Kanye West’s latest album, “Yeezus”, was a unique public marketing campaign that had the arrogant-but-talented star playing music videos on the walls of buildings in major American cities. Despite the fact that the album has also already leaked online and people everywhere are listening to and reviewing it, the marketing continued on, this time with a two-minute short inspired by the film American Psycho.

While I don’t know much about Scott Disick, other than he’s Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend, I assume that he believes he is the real life Patrick Bateman, because he dresses and looks a lot like Christian Bale’s film portrayal of the Bret Easton Ellis character. But I also assume that West’s new familial ties are also the real reason why he chose Disick to star as the ax-wielding psychopath in his little remake.

In the low-quality short, played on the wall of the building that hosted the Los Angeles listening session for “Yeezus”, Disick hacks up Kim Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban. I guess it’s pretty easy to cast short films and rap videos once you’ve worked your way into a family built on the theory: “Will work for absolutely anything.”

(H/T to Rap Up TV)