Kate Moss Called A Pilot A ‘Basic B*tch’ And Was Escorted Off The Plane For Her Troubles

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For those of us who can remember the halcyon days of the grungy ’90s — when Kate Moss was one of the world’s biggest supermodels, and she was trashing hotel rooms with none other than Johnny Depp — today’s story about bad supermodel behavior is like freshly baked nostalgia cake.

Basically, Kate Moss was not provided with the alcohol she requested while on a plane set to fly from Turkey to London, so she started drinking from her vodka stash and called the pilot a “basic b*tch.” While witnesses say that she wasn’t outwardly ransacking the place or acting violently, it was disruptive enough to be kicked off the plane, because you really can’t just screw around with the pilot of an airplane like that. Not even if you’re Kate Moss. Would you want your pilot in a bad mood? Of course not. And if you’re going to use something like “basic” to insult someone, well, that’s just so 2014. I only say it because as I stated above, I’m a sucker for nostalgia.

Moss wasn’t charged with anything. She was just slightly inconvenienced, as were the other passengers. One of the passengers who witnessed the whole thing said that the crew may have overreacted, and that Moss was actually being kind of “funny.” Classic Kate!

Source: Elite Daily