Kate Upton Made Her TikTok Debut With A Dance That Helped Catapult Her To Fame

The first time I can remember hearing about Kate Upton is when the model helped teach the world how to Dougie at a basketball game. I will not explain what a “Dougie” is to our younger readers. I feel old enough as is, thank you very much. Since then, Upton has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issues three times, starred in multiple films (including The Three Stooges), and married future-Hall of Fame pitcher Justin Verlander.

This week, Upton joined TikTok where she recreated her viral dance to the Cali Swag District hit in her debut video.

“Teach me how to TikTok…?” Upton caption the 14-second video, in which she can be seen doing a web search for “Teach Me How to Dougie” before breaking out the signature moves, outfitted in a sleeveless orange crop top paired with trendy, olive-colored cargo pants.

Upton told Jimmy Kimmel in 2012 that she didn’t mind the attention from the “Dougie” dance because she likes “to show off my skills,” but she was less enthusiastic about photographer/alleged creep Terry Richardson releasing a video of her doing the Cat Daddy in a bikini. “I was like, ‘That was disrespectful, you could have told me!'” she revealed to British Vogue in 2014.

You can watch Upton’s TikTok debut below.

(Via Men’s Journal)