Kathy Griffin Shaved Her Head In Solidarity With Her Sister Who Is Battling Cancer

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08.01.17 8 Comments

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Kathy Griffin has been laying relatively low since the fallout over her controversial photo shoot in which she held up the (fake) decapitated head of Donald Trump, resulting in CNN deciding to fire her from appearing on the network’s annual New Year’s Eve show. Although it hasn’t stopped the comedienne from cracking jokes about the Trump administration on Twitter, Griffin has since stayed largely out of the public eye since the scandal.

That is, until the following photos of Griffin surfaced on Twitter from journalist Yashar Ali‏, in which she shows off a freshly shaved head in support of her sister who is apparently battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

It’s unknown what type of cancer her sister is battling, but Griffin’s mother, who appears alongside her in the first photo, also tweeted the photos, calling her daughter a “wonderful human being.”

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