‘She’s Good At Bullsh*t!’ Blurts Out A Philly News Anchor Discussing Kellyanne Conway

Many of us are still trying to come to terms with this brave new world (pun intended) in which the current presidential administration of the United States of America bandies about terms like “alternative facts” and “fake news” to justify lying to Americans and discrediting the media. This was the topic of conversation on Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia earlier this week, following Kellyanne Conway’s Meet the Press whopper over the weekend.

After rolling the now infamous clip, host Mike Jerrick — perhaps best known for that time he hilariously burned of Ryan Lochte on air — is clearly already fed up, muttering, “Alternative facts, is that gonna be a new one in ‘fake news’?” When one of his guests quickly came to Conway’s defense by claiming she’s good at what she does, Jerrick interrupts and retorts, “She’s good at bullshit” — which to be fair, is not inaccurate on either of their parts.

Co-host Alex Holley was decidedly less amused, turning to the camera to issue a sincere apology after shooting Jerrick the kind of salty look a wife gives her husband to let him know that he’s for real in the doghouse. A spokesperson for Fox 29 later said that the matter has been addressed and presumably Jerrick will be keeping it clean in the future.

(Via Philly Voice)