People Can’t Get Over How Many Times Kelly Loeffler Robotically Said ‘Radical Liberal’ In The Georgia Senate Debate

Sunday night brought forth one heckuva double feature: two separate debates for the Senate runoff in Georgia. Ordinarily such a hoedown wouldn’t receive national attention. But not only has this been one of the most intense election seasons in American history, but this particular runoff — set to happen on January 5 — may wind up flipping the Senate blue. (Also, it’s 2020, so everything is weird.) Earlier in the evening, Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff debated…well, not his Republican opponent David Perdue, but rather an empty podium, as Perdue didn’t show up. The other, between Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler and Reverend Raphael Warnock was also weird, but in a much different way.

For one thing, Loeffler — who like Perdue has been accused of dumping stocks upon learning about the severity of COVID-19, which they’ve downplayed — delivered a performance many on social media called “robotic.” She was stiff, her words delivered as though by rote, as though she had memorized only a few scary Republican buzzwords and kept repeating them, no matter the question. But she used two words to describe Warnock more than most: “radical liberal.”

Soon a drinking game was born.

Lots of jokes were made.

Others wondered if “radical liberal” isn’t the insult Republicans seem to think it is.

To her credit, Loeffler repeated other words as well.

Others thought her overuse of the same words were just part of an overall poor debate performance, in which she avoided answering if she believes Donald Trump’s baseless accusations about voter fraud, and claimed to have been “exonerated” of accusations concerning insider trading.

On the other hand, unlike Perdue, at least Loeffler showed up.

The Georgia runoff is on January 5. If both Loeffler and Perdue are defeated, the Senate will flip to the Democrats and Mitch McConnell will no longer be Majority Leader.