Kellyanne Conway Said People Are ‘Better Off’ After The Trump Presidency, And People Lost It

Kellyanne Conway retired from the Trump administration back in August, and though she’s done things like admit he lost the 2020 election, she’s continued to be one of his cheerleaders. Less than a week before his presidency ends — and just over a week after a violent attempted coup at the nation’s Capitol — the former senior counselor went on Real Time with Bill Maher for a kind of exit interview. Not only did she keep defending her former boss, but she delivered a whopper perhaps even his staunchest supporters would find fishy.

Conway was talking up what she considered Trump’s biggest successes. She said he built “the greatest economy.” (Maher reminded her that that was largely the work of his predecessor, to say nothing about how it collapsed during the pandemic.) She claimed he “rebuilt the military.” (That, too, isn’t true.) Finally, she said, “I mean, you can’t deny that many people are better off.”

Maher was quick to shoot that one down. “Well, they’re not better off now,” he replied. “A lot of them are dead.”

Maher wasn’t the only one appalled by her continued attempts at Trump spin.

Some were just annoyed to see her at all.

And some put the blame on Maher, who has a long history of giving a platform to people like Kellyanne Conway.

You can watch Maher’s chat with Conway below.

(Via The Daily Beast)