Meet Ken M, The Rembrandt Of Yahoo Comment Trolling

If you’ve ever perused Yahoo! articles, you already know not to ever venture down to their comments section and read the brain cell killing, rage-inducing lunacy that is sure to be posted down there. Now the masterful trolling by “Ken M” of Horsey Surprise is making us rethink our decision to skip over those Yahoo! comment sections. Ken M posts trolling comments which are a funny, brilliant mix of confident ignorance, meandering and disturbing personal anecdotes, and surreal facts which are just close enough to the truth that unsuspecting readers might believe he’s a real person.

Ken M is staff writer “The Troll” on College Humor and has also been posting screencaps of these trolling gems on his blog since April 2011. When he’s not trolling Yahoo!, you may spot his trolling on Huffington Post, Wikipedia, Facebook, and even Yelp. This talented fellow is even an accomplished songwriter. His rousing ballad, “Horse Paradise“, brought a tear to my cynical eye.

We’ve spent hours laughing at the 450 or so amazing screencaps at Ken M’s website. Below you’ll find our favorite 39 trolling comments by this master of the medium, plus a bonus picture at the end. Thanks to Reddit for the heads up.