'Kero Blaster' Looks Like A Proper 'Cave Story' Successor In This New Trailer

Cave Story may not have topped any sales lists, but it’s one of the most important games of the 2000s. Created entirely by Daisuke Amaya (aka “Pixel”) and released as freeware, Cave Story helped spark the current indie craze by proving a single passionate person could make a memorable video game on par with the stuff put out by major publishers.

Last year it was revealed Pixel was working on a new game called Gero Blaster, which looked fun, but fairly simple. Well, now Gero Blaster has resurfaced with a new name (it’s now going by Kero Blaster) and a new trailer that reveals the game is much deeper than previously thought. There are stores, and a storyline, and the game’s froggy protagonist works in some sort of office. Basically, the game now looks like a proper Cave Story spiritual successor, and I’m super hyped to get my hands on it. Check out the trailer below…

Kero Blaster arrives sometime in May for iPhone and PC. Hopefully it also hits the 3DS sometime soon, because I’d love to play it with decent controls.

via Destructoid